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VoIP Calling Features


  • Answering Rules​​ – Directs callers to voicemail, extensions and alternate phone numbers, based on date and time, date range, and caller ID as well as the number they dial (if you have more than one).
  • Hunt Groups (Advanced Call Forwarding)
  • Follow Me – Callers who dial your toll free or local number are directed to any of your phones - cell, home or office. You can also direct calls to employees, partners and departments nationwide.
  • Call Transfer​ - Transfer live calls to another phone or user with the transfer function on your phone.
  • ​​Call Fli​p ​-“Flip” a live call from one of your phones to another, while the call is in progress, without any interruption.
  • Transfer live from your desk phone, to cell, to home phone, etc.
  • Call Screening - Hear and see who is calling before you answer. Customize screening based on caller ID.
  • Call Logs- A record of calls and faxes are stored in your account. You can reference the number, date, time, length and result.  Downloadable to Excel.
  • Call Recording – Record a call from any phone (office, home, even your iPhone).   All recordings and details are stored in your logs, and can be downloaded to your computer and/or forwarded as email attachments.
  • Call Queues – Callers are automatically placed on hold until one of the pre-designated agents becomes available to take the call.
  • Create "Virtual Departments" - Direct callers to virtual departments created within a group of extensions (i.e. press 1 for sales, press 2 for support).
  • Ring Out (click-to-call out) – This feature will display your business number regardless of where you are calling from.
  • Ring Me (click-to-call me) – Your customers can call you at no cost, and all of your incoming extensions can be hyperlinked on the company website.  Website visitors simply click on the button to send a call.
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration – Fax directly from Microsoft applications (Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint).  Synchronize your Outlook contacts with Rogers Hosted IP Voice account. Send faxes to any fax number already stored in your Outlook contacts list.
  • Virtual Calling Card – Make a call from any phone using your own BoltWave Hosted IP Voice number simply by dialing into your BoltWave Hosted IP Voice number and logging in before making your call.
  • Internet Fax - Fax number can be either a toll-free or local number.
        -  When receiving a fax you will be notified via SMS or email.
        -  View your fax messages online, and receive faxes on your smartphone.
        -  Sign your outgoing faxes electronically.
        -  Send faxes directly to your Outlook customers.
        -  Select BoltWave Internet fax as your printer and you can send a fax from any PC application.
        -  No fax machine required.

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