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​Cloud Services


Public Cloud is a shared infrastructure made available to the general public or a large industry group, which is owned by an organization selling cloud services such as Amazon.

Private Cloud is where the cloud infrastructure is operated solely for a specific organization.  Where a public cloud is external, shared, and outside of the business’ control, a private cloud is dedicated to one business, and can be controlled, managed, assured, secured and recovered.

 Private Cloud

Public Cloud 


What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the provision of IT service, on-demand and network accessible, using flexible pooled resources that are simple to deploy and expand.  It is typically delivered with a combination of commodity hardware, virtualization and management.

What can the Cloud do for Small Business (SMB)

Fast deployment

On-demand provisioning of virtual desktops, storage, and applications can be up to 240 times faster than with physical systems

Reduced costs

With easier desktop management, less maintenance, and cheaper thin clients, virtualization reduces costs by an average of 40%


Virtualization of hardware allows fast migration of workloads and rapid disaster recovery


Dynamic use of pooled resources makes it easy to increase or decrease workloads, staffing levels and applications, and store data

Ease of use

Hides IT complexity, simplifying training and making elaborate computing resources more user-friendly

Flexible and mobile

Network accessible resources allow users to access business systems from any device, at work, home or on the road


Centralization of resources reduces power consumption and hardware waste


Cost effective in situations where maintaining a dedicated IT staff is not feasible

Smaller organizations usually outsource IT staff and do not have time or resources to set up a ‘private cloud’ solution.  BoltWave provides the perfect alternative – reasonably priced, reliable, trouble-free, cutting-edge IT solutions.



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