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Voice Over Internet Protocol allows telephone calls to be made via computer networks. VoIP converts analog voice signals into digital data packets and supports real-time, two-way transmission of conversations.

VoIP calls can be made on the Internet using standard computer audio systems. Alternatively, some service providers support VoIP through ordinary telephones connected to a home computer network through special adapters.

​Reduce your monthly bill by 40% and call anywhere, anytime!

VoIP Telecommunication Sevices


BoltWave Hosted IP Voice is a state-of-the-art, mobile enabled, monthly fee based phone system for your home or small to medium sized business.  As global trade and remote collaboration continue to increase, the need for clear communications has become more critical than ever. Accents and cultural differences can lead to costly misunderstandings. BoltWave’s VoIP service delivers enhanced clarity over a secure network, making everyday conversations more life-like and vibrant, and enabling geographically dispersed teams to communicate as effectively over the phone as they can in person.  BoltWave is supported by an array of North American telecommunication vendors, utilizing each provider's strengths to provide the best voice quality and service. 

  • Service requires minimum DSL Basic Internet access
  • Manages all of the core infrastructure and equipment, ensuring continuous operation without interruption
  • Eliminates bandwidth hogs on each VoIP phone connecting to hosted providers
  • Local and Toll free numbers are available instantly, including 911
  • Keep your existing phone number
  • Receive faxes straight to your inbox
  • Unlimited calling and faxing and unlimited extensions
  • Auto-receptionist
  • Full backup feature
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