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​BoltWave  Success Stories


Cloud Services ​​

Going Mobile

Hosting Secure SMB Network

A customer with two ten-year-old discontinued servers was faced with purchasing new equipment and software, plus a large amount of IT time to migrate their infrastructure.  With Hosted Virtualization Technology and Cloud Services they now have secure access to their data (anywhere, anytime), with minimal investment and almost no downtime.  Plus all of their data, software, user information in Microsoft Active Directory (AD), security rights and shared folder access is identical to their original servers so training time for staff was unnecessary.  Standard daily backups are maintained, important data is no longer at risk of equipment failure, and they continue with business as usual.

Hosting Web and e-Mail Services

A small business customer wanted to maintain their own website and e-mail services.  Unfortunately their current office location was not eligible to obtain a stable Internet connection so they were forced to have their servers hosted on a Public Cloud Service provider.  BoltWave set up virtual servers, with their own private virtual network and firewall so only the customer could access, configure and maintain them.  Peace of mind and convenience at a reasonable cost, with limitless options for future business expansion.

Travelling Convenience

Executives who do a lot of business travel need to stay connected.  With Mobile VoIP and VoIP at the Office many of our customers can now simply dial from any telephone, anywhere in the world, to access their office voice messages and/or contact an individual at their desk, (and vice versa).  And with Mobile VoIP there are no long distance charges—no matter where in the world you are.

Residential Savings

Canada and US customers who have gone fully cellular to stay in touch with family and friends can now keep their home phone number, without the additional cost of residential phone service.  With Mobile VoIP you can be reached anywhere, anytime without either party incurring long distance charges.  Voice mail messages arrive almost immediately via e-mail.  Home phone service, even when you’re a long way from home, at no additional cost.

Going VoIP

Virtualization ​​

Saving, Even While You’re Expanding

A large heating and cooling firm had maintained a call centre to handle their incoming service requests for many years, making long distance charges simply a cost of doing business.  By going to VoIP they cut their monthly telecom bill by 50% and increased their number of incoming phone lines.  With daily reporting they are now able to more efficiently manage both their staff and the extra business.  A national higher-volume call centre: zero long distance charges.

It’s a Global Marketplace

A successful tile distributor, with multiple locations all across the continent, was faced with a lengthy list of long distance and overseas phone charges every month.  BoltWave and VoIP brought them closer together with cluster VoIP servers, allowing their staff to call each other directly, extension to extension, at no additional cost.  When an extension is in use or DND (Do Not Disturb) they simply leave a message which then arrives as an e-mail to their busy co-worker.  A well-connected staff means better communication and a more competitive edge in business.

IT Projects ​​

Server Consolidation

To eliminate ongoing hardware and software issues, along with their associated maintenance costs, an engineering firm with 23 Windows servers decided to consolidate them into a virtual environment.  BoltWave Virtualization meant their IT department could manage its time more efficiently, and the firm gained additional data storage options.  Room for growth and faster turnaround time equals the chance to take on new challenges.


Oracle Server Replication

A plastics manufacturer was running an ERP solution on an Oracle server.  They needed to clone their server and replicate their data every day to an off-site Disaster Recovery backup.  BoltWave cloned their Oracle server to a private virtual server with their own VPN connection, giving them secure, reliable replication and remote access...along with peace of mind.

Research & Development

Windows 7 Consolidation

Enterprise customer, 1,800 + users, 20 offices across Canada, and multiple windows platforms with over 20 applications = extremely high support levels accompanied by expensive SLA’s. 

The challenge: consolidate operating system, standardize applications, and centralize technical support to a single Help Desk. 

Result:  custom Windows 7 images on all workstations, all required software functioning seamlessly, networked printers, consistent windows user profiles and security settings, and one unified staff.   Time to completion: seven months.  Downtime: zero.

Office on the Move

A midsize accounting firm was relocating into a larger facility.  BoltWave installed new data drops, setup their new server room, and even coordinated the furniture and computer move to their new location.  Staff arrived to find all network connections fully functional and all workstations fully operational.  We even gave them an office-warming present.

Future Growth and Opportunity

Research and Development is key in business.  Both our business and yours.  In the IT field the products, processes and gadgets never stop evolving, and the competition never lets up.  For us, R&D is critical if we are to effectively analyse the needs, demands and desires of our customers and respond with effective solutions.

We are what we sell.  So we never stop searching for technological advances that can make our business better, and we apply everything we learn to continually keeping BoltWave on the cutting-edge of IT service.

Because we understand that becoming the best we can be, just keeps making us that much better at helping your business become the best it can be.

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