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Efficient IT Service isn’t just for the big guys anymore!

Success comes from focusing on what you do best.  We are experts in Information Technology, Business Communications, Network Management, Server Colocation and Infrastructure Solutions.  BoltWave staff pride themselves on offering a broad range of advisory, implementation, and management solutions to small and medium sized companies, eliminating the need for multiple IT contracts.  Our goal is to create a “Total Service Package” just for you, including on-site personalized support specialists when you need them. 

Working closely with our clients in the preliminary stages allows us to tailor our service to suit your needs, saving time and aggravation down the road.  Our personalized service methodology ensures that your business has access to affordable, quality IT support no matter how diverse your requirements are.  By providing a wide range of products and services, and ensuring their optimum performance and seamless operation, we let you get on with whatever you do best.

Managed IT Solutions


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