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​Our Team

Samson Wong

Certified Network Engineer

Toronto, Canada


Suzan Kubik

Network Support, Help Desk Support

Toronto, Canada

25 years of experience bringing advanced computer skills and a dedicated record of consistent, high quality IT service to our team. Calls to our Helpdesk Service are often quickly and simply handled by her patient, methodical approach to problem resolution. She also plays a key role in shaping the company's ongoing strategic planning and development initiatives. Suzan’s achievements have centered on establishing systems and programs that improve project and process management, increase client satisfaction, enhance business flow, and drive revenue and asset growth.

5 years experience in technical support. He thrives on challenge and perfectionism is in his nature. Samson was instrumental in bringing about significant performance improvements to Boltwave Inc.’s enterprise cloud infrastructure, and continues to administer this very critical aspect of our service. He is one of our key pillars, keeping us at our peak in both performance and creative solutions.

6 years of support experience. He is our team leader and telecommunications specialist. His dedication and brilliance are reflected in the design and deployment of every communications system we install. Alex is responsible for our internal technology and operational infrastructure, and provides leadership and oversight for quality assurance.

Alex Lai

Telecommunication Technical


Toronto, Canada


2 years of support experience. He is on the front line, often one of the first faces our customers see. He looks after onsite installation and maintenance of hardware and software. What he lacks in experience, he more than makes up for in his pro-active approach to resolving end-user issues and building trust with our clients. Sean manages all aspects of Boltwave’s comprehensive portfolio of client services, including client relations and account implementation/administration.

Sean Marshall

Help Desk Support

Toronto, Canada


Garreth Scott

Systems Administrator

Toronto, Canada


4 years support experience. He is our technology overseer, and a critical link in the chain that keeps BoltWave Inc. running smoothly.Garreth provides cross-functional leadership for the delivery of the company's product vision, with a focus on roadmap planning, requirements definition, user experience and user/acceptance testing, along with many other strategic product initiatives. Garreth also provides expertise with prospects and customers, and serves as digital marketing thought leader for Boltwave Inc.

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