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​iPhone, Blackberry  & Android


iPhone, Blackberry and Android Applications – Make calls from your smartphone and have your business number display as your caller ID.

View, send and forward messages from your iPhone.

Plus other standard features:

•    All long distance communications in North America are free of charge
•    International long distance calls to major capitals worldwide are free
•    Phone replacement, due to any damages, for one year
•    All incoming lines can be programmed to provide outgoing call features
•    E-mail receipt of all your voice messages
•    Seamless outgoing Caller ID
•    Additional incoming lines for executive use
•    Monthly log detailing all incoming and outgoing calls
•    Call Park, Call Group, Caller ID, Auto Attendant, Virtual Reception, etc.
•    Do Not Disturb
•    System failover
•    911
•    Internet service


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