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​Private Cloud Services


BoltWave is a private cloud.  We offer all the advantages of cloud computing, without the problems of public clouds.  We can achieve cloud service based outcomes (fast deployment time, reduced labor and IT costs, and ease of use) while providing service assurance, backup and recovery, audit trails, security, compliance, portability, and more.

BoltWave's core of ‘private cloud’ services include:

  • Virtualization – software for high availability and fast provisioning
  • Hardware independent images – desktop/servers, image management, and data backup and recovery
  • Ease of Use – single-click deployment for new users
  • Redundancy – for processing and storage devices, with easily upgradable components to handle scalability
  • Hosted Email/Exchange Server – dedicated mail server, no need to purchase and maintain equipment or software
  • Web Hosting – website hosting without any equipment to manage
  • AntiSPAM/AV – full protection from Virus/Malware attacks and spam on a dedicated remote connection
  • Replication – server data cloning through the Internet to an offsite location; complete server duplication, data and network
  • Hosted MicroSoft Networks – access data, applications, printing and daily operations from the cloud remotely
  • Remote Desktop – connect remotely using any OS or device
  • Remote Print Services – remote print through the cloud to a local printer
  • Hosted MS Office – no need to upgrade or purchase MS Office, the latest version is always in the cloud
  • Business Continuity – secured access, anywhere, anytime



Delivering your business applications through a Hosted Cloud Desktop

BoltWave Cloud Services has partnered with iGreen Cloud to create the BoltWave Cloud Workspace.  The Cloud Workspace allows us to deliver business applications at the touch of a button from any Internet-connected device, while also protecting customers with security and support.

The BoltWave Cloud Workspace allows us to create a hosted solution specifically for you with Hosted Desktops and Hosted Servers that seamlessly combine business applications and commercial software. Other functions like upgrades, maintenance, backup and recovery, and data-security are all managed automatically. With hosted desktop computing solutions in place, you can easily and cost-effectively scale as hardware costs are eliminated.

The BoltWave Cloud Workspace from iGreen Cloud Services provides your small to medium sized business with:

  • Reduced Risk and Reduced IT Costs - application hosting and Cloud Services take away most IT capital expenditure, while allowing IT costs to be expensed and forecast.
  • Enable Mobile Workforce - in the office, at home, and on the go your staff can be more productive and connected with easy access to the software they need.
  • Secure Business Data - our hosted data-centres protect your data with daily backups, disaster recovery, and superior firewalls ensuring your sensitive information is secure.
  • The Latest Software Always - Get fast access to the latest software, servers, storage and communications without the burden and cost of IT management.

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